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New songs for you, Faded Denim, Captn Gotta Home and Cheap Texas Beer!  
Babs Martin & Outlaw Haints break the rules of style. If you like it rural, raw, and real, our original American music gets you off of talk radio, rescues you from crappy covers, and gets you back to listening to new music again. Get your new, original sound here! Catch us live and grab your Whiskey & Water or "Cheap Texas Beer."  We promise you good times when you party with us!

Our Favorite Quotes from the Haints'  VIP Club House

Doc Boggs meets Jim Morrison

          Babs has a dusky, cinnamon voice

Waylon Jennings meets Janis Joplin

              Waylon Jennings meets Jefferson Airplane 

Babs Martin Experience is infectious 

          Keith Richards plays for Nico

Lux and Ivy of the Midwest

             You guys should open for Jack White

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The Buzz

Hear what people are saying about Babs Martin

DAVID TEEGARDEN Sr, Grammy Award Winner, former drummer for Bob Seger, currently Owner, Producer and Engineer of Natura Digital Studios – “I'm left totally inspired by the passion Babs and John have imparted within their musical endeavors!!!!”

MATT LANGONE, former guitar player for the Waldos, currently with the Trash Mavericks, and The Cynz – “Hypnotic, Shamanistic experience”

BOBCAT RAWKS, NYC promoter, lead guitarist for Hurtin Units – “I’m addicted to Babs’ Whiskey & Water.” “Best hangover I ever had.”

PUMA PERL, poet/performer, author of Ruby True, knuckle tattoos, Belinda and Her Friends –  "Think Johnny Cash and June Carter meet Bonnie and Clyde in a hot punk country metal sweaty back door club and you still haven’t gotten it. I’m in love with Babs, JA, their whiskey and their water – can’t get enough of their stuff."

BLUES SOCIETY TULSA, Blues News CD Review of Whiskey & Water  - "This album as a take no prisoners attitude. Vocals a little reminiscent of Grace Slick and Chrissie Hynde."

OUTLAW MAGAZINE, "Mix up some flavors of some in-your-face outlaw country, edgy rock, punk, and swampy blues and you get the original sounds of Babs Martin Duo."

Babs Martin & Outlaw Haints are currently in the studio working on new tunes!  Visit us daily and accept no substitutes!

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